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University Partnerships


A warm welcome to all exchange students. For many years Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin has had partnership relations with a large number of higher learning institutions all over the world. Every year approximately 1,200 exchange students from 61 countries come to study at Humboldt within the framework of university partnerships. In addition to partnerships within the European Union, there are exchange programmes with the United States of America and Canada, and with countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Here are a few forms and some information that should be of use for you while preparing for your studies at Humboldt:

  1. Online application for a study place within the framework of a programme
  2. Before arrival: necessary formalities
  3. After arrival: enrolment

Important information on studying in Germany is available from the "Guide for International Students".

Should you have questions concerning a university agreement, please contact the Regional Consultant responsible for your home country:

  • Regional Officer for Western Europe

    Dr. Dietmar Buchmann

  • Regional Officer for Central and Eastern Europe

    Dr. Stefan Karsch

  • Regional Officer for USA, Canada, Latin America and Japan

    Dr. Anna Brömmer


The contact person for questions concerning enrolment, student accomodation and all study related queries is Karolina Kozikowska, Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-46 721

Here is the list of the staff at the International Office.


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