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Mentoring programme 'studis4studis'

Dear students from all over the world!

Through studis4studis we offer you a mentoring programme that helps you getting started with your studies at Humboldt and your student life in Berlin. Experienced students (Studis) give advice and support to international students (Studis).


Our idea is to provide:

1.  A first point of contact in a new city
     Meeting at the airport, finding accommodation, transportation info...

2.  An introduction to Humboldt’s facilities
     Libraries, campus, Orbis, student canteens...

3.  Support regarding course-specific questions and problems
     Timetables, presentations, homework...

Online registration for international students


Dear Humboldt students in Berlin!

Are you interested in helping newly arrived international students in Berlin? Do you have some time to share your experiences? We are looking for dedicated students, who are familiar with the Humboldt-Universität and who can provide assistance with the above-mentioned suggestions. The most important aim is that the new students feel comfortable, and get off to a good start.

Online registration for mentors


Did you know that at Humboldt you can also find the mentoring programme “Fachmentorenprogramm FAMOS”, which is aimed at degree seeking students at Humboldt? Those looking for a mentor in their institute or department or wishing to combine their role as a mentor with a qualification for free, may register at FAMOS.


You want to know more?

Please contact: studis4studis@hu-berlin.de

We're looking forward to meeting you!

Your ORBIS Team