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Guide for international Students

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Intercultural Trainings

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - HU International

Visa Service for international students

Our services here include applying for and extending your residence permit at the Berlin Foreigners' Registration Office (Berliner Ausländerbehörde) as well as counselling and support.

The Visa Service is available to all international students and doctoral candidates as well as visiting scholars and will gladly help if any questions or problems occur.

Opening hours:
Tuesday 11.00-13.00
Thursday 13.00-15.00
Telephone service hours:
Tuesday 13.00-14.00


Opening hours during the semester break:

21.07. - 19.09.2014 closed

22.09. - 02.10.2014
open daily

(Immatriculation of international students)


03.10.2014 public holiday, closed
From 06.10.2014 regular opening hours (see above)

The Visa Service will be closed during the semester break from 21. July until 19. September. During immatriculation from 22. September until 2. October the Vis Service will be open daily from 10am - 16pm.


Location: "Orbis Humboldtianus"

E-Mail: visaservice@hu-berlin.de
Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-22 16
Fax: (+49 30) 20 93-22 11



Application/extension of residence permits

1. Application for a residence permit according to § 78a (adhesive label)

1.1 Extension of the residence permit

2. Application for an electronic residence permit (eAT) with or without eID function


+++ NEW +++

At the moment, there are extremely long waiting times at the 'Firmenservice' (company service) of the Foreigners' Registration Office, where we submit your applications. If you are under time pressure, we advise you to go to the Foreigners' Registration Office yourself by arranging an appointment online in good time ►eAppointment, as there are also long waiting lists for appointments. Please note that an appointment can also be arranged from your home country.


In urgent cases it is possible to queue up very early at the Foreigners’ Registration Office in order to get a waiting number for an appointment the same day.


The student Visa Service will gladly give advice concerning your documents and check that your supporting documentation is complete.




Since 1st September 2011, the electronic residence permit (eAT) has been issued in card format and includes biometric information. This change in procedure may result in delays. We can give you advice on further details.

In the light of recent events we'd like to remind you to check your documents for completeness before (!) you see us. Please also bring copies of your papers and your passport (data page and current visa). This will help to reduce the waiting time for yourself and others.

Please contact us as soon as possible for advice on the deadlines for the application of your residence permit!


Since 1 August 2012:


For further information by the Foreigners' Registration Office on residence permits try the key word "Studium und Wissenschaft in Berlin".


Visa Service Team: