KUSTOS 'Project Management and Teamwork for PhD Students'

1,5 days | Intercultural training
Wann 15.02.2014
von 10:00 bis 17:30
Wo Orbis Humboldtianus (room 3120), Unter den Linden 6, HU main building
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Doing a PhD project is a big challenge. It demands good organisational and time management skills; along with the requirement to work in multicultural teams with other PhD students. Knowing the cultural "pitfalls" which may occur in accademic context can help you interact in different intercultural settings more confidently.


This workshop targets both issues. Firstly, participants will learn using their own thesis how to organise a PhD project (project and time management) and in addition, they will find out how to incorporate different risk factors into the project and work on solutions in advance.


Participants will receive an overview on the cultural “pitfalls” which may occur in an academic context through practical and interactive activities as well as the instruments which will help them interact in different intercultural settings.

Attending this workshop is not only a good opportunity for participants to work on their own project but it also gives them a great chance to meet other students and establish useful contacts.

The workshop is suitable for international and German PhD students, who are at the beginning of their PhD project.


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Course fee 15 Euro (snacks and pizza included)
Questions E-Mail us at kustos-info[at]


Wegweiser für internationale Studierende

Wegweiser für internationale Studierende