International Profile

The international profile of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is not only evident in the breadth and depth of its international teaching and research cooperations with partners abroad. It can also be seen in the cross-cultural backgrounds of its researchers and students. Approx. 33,000 students, 16% of whom are international students, are currently reaping the benefits of the ideal general conditions afforded by the city of Berlin and the advantages that studying at a university with an established tradition such as Humboldt-Universität brings. In addition, some 420 professors and more than 2,000 teaching staff are involved in teaching and research at our university – around 14% of them come from abroad. These figures underline the excellent reputation that Humboldt-Universität enjoys around the world.


In 2015, the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, which indicate the standing of universities around the world based on teaching and research, placed Humboldt-Universität among the global top 50 (position 41). On the competitive front in Germany, its international, interdisciplinary research and teaching focus has secured Humboldt-Universität a leading position in the Excellency Initiative of the German national and regional governments.



Shaping internationalisation at Humboldt-Universität

The International Agenda at Humboldt-Universität aims to map the international perspectives, dynamics and encounters at our university as a continual, transparent process and to actively promote them. The Agenda starts from the basic premise that science – both cutting-edge research and excellent teaching – is not a local phenomenon, but instead a product of relationships that do not necessarily coincide with local boundaries. We believe that only an international perspective will enable a productive approach to increasingly complex global issues and enhance our ability to respond to global challenges.


Humboldt “Ferngespräche”

In the Humboldt “Ferngespräche” events, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin uses the issues on the International Agenda to provide impetus for current issues relating to the internationalisation of German universities. At the same time, these network events represent a forum for exchange and networking between actors from the field of international strategy and knowledge management.


International guests for research and teaching

The KOSMOS programme, also part of the Excellence Initiative, enables international scientists to visit Humboldt-Universität for different lengths of time and levels of intensity. This is part of a tradition that can be traced back to Alexander von Humboldt, whose Kosmos lectures - in which he presented his research findings between 1825 and 1826 - represented a cultural high-water mark in Berlin at that time. Alexander von Humboldt not only undertook extended research trips himself, but also maintained an international, multidisciplinary and intergenerational academic network. He corresponded with over 2,500 scientists around the world.


A wealth of partnerships

With a large network currently consisting of 375 partner universities and a range of strategic focal regions and Profile Partnerships, Humboldt-Universität maintains a global profile from the heart of Berlin, keeping pace with international trends and playing a key role in shaping social change around the world.