Berliner Antike Kolleg

An international research centre on ancient studies

Grimm Bibliothek (Foto: Zappe)The Berliner College of Antiquity emerged from the Topoi Cluster of Excellence in 2011 and, like the cluster, is supported by all of the institutions in Berlin that study the ancient world. Part of the College of Antiquity is an international research centre for antiquity studies; each year academics from abroad visit for longer periods or participate in conferences.

The College of Antiquity also offers services for antiquity research that raise the international profile of Berlin-Brandenburg as a research location. It is also a pioneer in the digitalization of research material and publications – making them accessible around the world in accordance with the open-access principle. The Berlin College of Antiquity is also the sponsor institution for the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies, the graduate school of the Topoi Cluster of Excellence.

Interdisciplinary training for doctoral candidates

The six programmes of the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies (BerGSAS) are currently educating doctoral candidates across various institutions. International networking is a central component of all curricula. The international visibility and appeal of BerGSAS is also demonstrated by the consistently high number of applications from abroad and a high proportion of international doctoral candidates - currently 30 per cent.