National University of Singapore

In their Profile Partnership, Humboldt-Universität and NUS fund bilateral research cooperations

The National University of Singapore is one of the best universities in Asia with an excellent reputation far beyond the region. Humboldt-Universi­tät and NUS are connected through several strong and long existing cooperations between researchers in various disciplines. Similarities between both universities in structure, size and research focus offer many opportunities for further research collaborations.

Joint project funding

Both universities commit resources to take existing ties and cooperative projects to a next level as well as to encompass additional disciplinary areas and types of activity. Each university contributes 150,000 EUR per year to a budget that is dedicated to supporting activities within the partnership. Proposals may include e.g. travel allowances for research stays, workshops, seminars. The call is open for all disciplines.

Funded projects 2018

Funded projects 2017

The deadline for this year's project proposals ended on 31 March 2017. The next call for projects is expected in December 2017.

If you would like to be included in the e-mail list for the invitation for applications for the next round of the call, please send your contact details to Dr. David Glowsky (


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