Humboldt Talent Travel Awards

International research alumni bring young talents to Humboldt-Universität - Return grants

You used to conduct research at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and are now working in science abroad? With a Humboldt Talent Travel Award you can come back to the HU for up to two weeks accompanied by a talented junior researcher. This travelling scholarship gives you and your junior researcher the opportunity to strengthen the network with your scientific cooperation partners at the HU.

Who can apply?

The awards are open to HU research alumni working abroad who already have completed their doctoral studies, in tandem with a young researcher from their university. International researcher alumni of HU are researchers who conducted research at the HU on the level of doctoral students, postdocs or at an advanced level and afterwards continued their scientific career abroad. Generally young researchers who accompany the alumni are in their doctoral studies.

The call for proposals is primarily – but not exclusively – aimed at researchers who are employed at one of HU’s profile partner universities or at a university in one of its key partner regions or who are former KOSMOS Fellows. Research alumni must ensure that their applications are supported by their cooperation partners at HU.

The funding

Each Humboldt Talent Travel Award grants recipients a maximum of €5,500. The funding covers travel and accommodation costs, as well as materials for workshops and networking events. The research alumni and young researchers also receive a workspace for the duration of their stay. The travel and accommodation costs covered by the Humboldt Talent Travel Awards are based on current rates for business trips of the HU. The rate lies between €60 and €80 for accomadation plus a daily allowance of €24. 

Application procedure

The Humboldt Talent Travel Awards are awarded once a year through a competitive procedure. Applicants must submit a completed application form, accompanied by a letter of support from their cooperation partner at HU. The selection committee is made up of two HU researchers and a member of HU’s International Strategy Office.

The next deadline for proposals is September 16th, 2018.

Successful applicants are expected to begin their stay at HU within twelve months of receiving the award. They are also kindly requested to hand in a final report (max. two pages) within four weeks after the completion of their stay.

Former Humboldt Talent Travel Awardees

Prof Jorge O. Sofo with Mark J. DelloStritto together with Prof Dr Claudia Draxl, USA (2016)

In 2016 Prof Jorge O. Sofo and Mark J. DelloStritto from Pennsylvania State University (State College, Pennsylvania, USA) visited the Department of Physics and held a “Hands-on Workshop on Excitations in Solids”. DelloStritto explained: “It is nice to discover the different projects students and researchers are working on, how they intersect with each other, and how having multiple approaches to a problem and levels of expertise can drive a research program forward.”

Prof Anel du Plessis with Dr Oliver Fuo, South Africa (2016)

Prof Anel du Plessis describes her stay at the Faculty of Law with Dr Oliver Fuo: “The travel award exceeded our expectations considering what we managed to get done in a fairly limited space of time”. Du Plessis and Fuo from North-West University (Potchefstroom, South Africa) were able to strengthen an already existing joint research project with the topic of “Safe and sustainable cities in the South African and German contexts”.

Prof Sule Emmanuel Egya with John Ngbede Oyishoma, Nigeria (2016)

Prof Sule Emmanuel Egya and John Ngbede Oyishoma from IBB University (Lapai, Nigeria) used their stay at the Institute for Asian and African Studies to conduct a workshop with the topic of “The Method of African Literary and Cultural Analysis”. Egya sums up the seminar: “The workshop afforded me an opportunity to interact closely with the MA students, to know their projects, and to offer advice on the best methodology in undertaking their research projects.”

Dr Sergey Sayapin with Alina Davar, Kazakhstan (2015)

Dr Sergey Sayapin and Alina Davar from KIMEP University (Almaty, Kazakhstan) discussed the collaboration on the topic of “Implementation of International Law in Eastern Europe” at the Faculty of Law. During their stay Sayapin held a guest lecture on this topic and discussed the preparations for several books.

Prof Shumirai Nyota with Dr Zvinashe Mamvura, Zimbabwe (2015)

Prof Shumirai Nyota and Dr Zvinashe Mamvura from the University of Zimbabwe checked future possibilities for cooperation on the topic of “The interface of Linguistics and Literary Studies in African Languages” with the Department of African Studies. “It is an amazing experience to get in touch with our colleagues in Berlin”, explains Nyota.

Prof Alison L. Barth with Dr Joanna Urban Ciecko, USA (2014)

Prof Alison L. Barth and Dr Joanna Urban Ciecko from Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA) checked possibilities for cooperation on the theme of “Role of pre- and postsynaptic GABAb receptors” at the NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence. Through their stay Barth and Ciecko were able to establish a permanent collaboration between the two institutes.

Prof Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser with Dr Sofia Donoso Knaudt, Chile (2014)

Prof Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser and Dr Sofia Donoso Knaudt from the Universidad Diego Portales (Santiago de Chile, Chile) collaborated with the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences on the topic of “Populism and Democracy”. They used their stay to hold a workshop for doctoral students.

Dr Ying Chen with Dr He Qiang, Singapore (2014)

Dr Ying Chen and Dr He Qiang from the National University of Singapore visited the Ladislaus von Bortkiewicz Chair of Statistics in order to cooperate on the topic of “Manifold functional principal component analysis”. During their stay they analysed the data from the project with the latest processing program at HU.

Prof Steven L. Bernasek with Elizabeth J. Bailey, USA (2014)

Prof Steven Bernasek and Elizabeth J. Bailey from Princeton University (New Jersey, USA) explored possibilities of cooperation on the topic of “Studies of organic molecule self-assembly at graphite, graphene, and interfaces with other inorganic materials” at the IRIS Adlershof.

Dr Tim Schröder with Sara Mouradin, USA (2014)

Dr Tim Schröder and Sara Mouradin from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA) were able to establish a close collaboration with the Department of Physics on the topic of “Nanophotonic systems for efficient quantum memories”. Furthermore, they presented and discussed the results of this research area at the MIT.





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Humboldt Talent Travel Awards - Application Form

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