HU GO STUDY is a digitally supported, modular mentorship programme of the Welcome Centre of the International Department at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

HU GO STUDY is a digitally supported, modular mentorship programme of the Welcome Centre of the International Department at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, which aims to ensure excellent professional and social integration for international (bachelor’s and master’s) students.

HU GO STUDY is financed by the DAAD from the funds of the STIBET II programme “Modellprojekte zur Verbesserung der Willkommenskultur”.

The mentorship offered consists of the following three formats, which can be free selected and combined, and are available in German and English:

1) In the form of a digital remedial course: To ensure the best possible first semester regardless of time and location, digital orientation and information services with subject-related content and virtual consultation meetings are offered before and at the start of the semester, which aim to ease the transition into higher education. The digital remedial course is intended to make the early stages of study easier and provide excellent advice and support even when the students are still in their home country.

2) As subject-specific qualification workshops: Intercultural training, specialist courses on academic works and weekly supplementary tutorials (writing ashram, presentation forum), which are designed in a dual mode as virtual learning / telecollaboration or as face-to-face sessions and peer learning arrangements, are intended to compensate for potential technical and soft skill deficits and prepare international students, no matter their chosen course, for the content and formal requirements of the degree programme, while also imparting the necessary skills for a successful subsequent job search.

3) As a “well-being & networking” workshop: Mental health and the promotion of resilience and empowerment are express goals of the holistic mentoring offered by HUGS. Social isolation, culture shock, stress and other emotional burdens can shape the introductory phase in particular, but also the course itself. Tutorials to promote well-being help the students deal with possible stress factors throughout the semester and, when combined with cultural classes, promote the social integration of international students.

When offering these services, the project is pursuing four main perspectives:

(a) HUGS is based on the principle of an all-encompassing view of the student journey. (b) It is designed to accompany the study phase and includes orientation services before the course starts (to facilitate the start of studies) and support during and after graduation. It develops its offerings on an inter-semester basis, as the organisation of events is flexible in terms of time and location thanks to the use of digital formats. And this is the only way to respond appropriately when demand rises due to an increase in the number of students. (c) It is multimedia-based and flexible in its methodical and didactic arrangement for designing virtual learning and teaching spaces. (d) It sees itself as a holistic approach that views factors of well-being as a central supporting component to subject-related studies and offers them in a variety of forms.

Project coordinator and contact:

Dr. Merlinda Dalipi:


You can find the programme for the current semester here:

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4. Wellbeing tutorials

5. Qualification Workshops