Outlook for classes during winter semester 2021/22

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is looking forward to teaching 20 – 30 % of all classes in a person to person format on our campuses during the winter semester 2021/22.

Closely watching the development of the pandemic situation, Humboldt is also making sure that digital class offers will guarantee viable semester structures should a fourth wave of infection reach Germany. Returning to in-person teaching, however, will be what we are aiming for, even while blended format coexist. Large lecture classes in particular will still be offered digitally, while small seminar-type classes will be taught in person. Please check AGNES, our online course catalogue, for information on what mode classes will be taught in.

Acknowledging the uncertainty of how the pandemic will develop, three scenarios are being considered for the winter term:

  1. If incidence rates continue to be low, the university will continue to open itself to larger numbers of students on campus as we are approaching the winter term. However, distancing rules will still apply and therefore teaching space for teaching formats in person will still be limited.
  2. If incidence rates remain low and all members of the university have been vaccinated, pandemic rules will be lifted. Distancing rules will be canceled and classrooms will once again be open to pre-pandemic numbers.
  3. If incidence rates will increase substantially before the winter semester, teaching will return to the digital space.

We are glad that all our students will most likely be able to come into direct contact with the lecturers in our seminar rooms again.