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Intercultural competence is one of the central key qualifications both during university study and in one’s working life. In the course of globalisation, interaction with people of diverse cultural backgrounds is nowadays a part of everyday life. The acquisition of inter- and intracultural action competencies and competence for self-reflection are, as a result, more important today than ever.

Through participation in the Certificate for Intercultural Competence (ZERTIKO), you can prepare yourself for the challenges of today´s working world. Additionally, you can gain international and intercultural experiences. These experiences and your reflections thereupon will be officially recognized through a special certificate issued by the HU.

What is ZERTIKO?

The Certificate for Intercultural Competence is an extracurricular offering, which is available as an additional qualification to German and international students of all fields of study at the HU.

The following activities will be recognised towards the acquisition of ZERTIKO: Study-related trips abroad, participation in language courses and summer schools, participation in internationally-oriented courses and intercultural trainings and volunteer work in mentoring programmes offering support to international students and in international projects and initiatives.

The Certificate for Intercultural Competence consists of the following three components:

Component 1:
Intercultural Training

Component 2:
International Academic and Intercultural Experiences

Component 3:
International and Intercultural Volunteering


To obtain the certificate, at least 100 Certificate Points (Zertifikatspunkte, or ZP) from all three components must be achieved.

The participation in an intercultural training for Component 1 is mandatory for all students, whereas individual emphases can be pursued for Components 2 and 3.

The Certificate for Intercultural Competence (ZERTIKO) can be obtained by students of the HU Berlin within the course of their studies (Bachelor up to Doctorate/Ph.D.) in any number of semesters necessary to gather the Certificate Points (ZP).

Detailed descriptions of the structure and regulations of the Certificate for Intercultural Competence (Zertifikat für interkulturelle Kompetenz) can be found in the appropriate Certificate Regulations (Ordnung zum Zertifikat starting 05/2019; Ordnung zum Zertifikat before 05/2019).

What are the benefits of the Certificate?

  1. Your volunteer work and interest in the intercultural field will be recognized and accredited.
  2. With the Certificate, you can cultivate and hone your individual profile.
  3. You will further your intercultural competence and soft-skills.
  4. The Certificate offers a valuable addition to your applications.

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