Component 2

International Academic and Intercultural Experiences

The following activities and experiences can be recognised for ZERTIKO:



In home country:

  • Language course (20-35 hours, 5 ZP; 40-80 hours, 10 ZP)
  • Summer School (30-45 hours, 10 ZP; 50-80 hours, 15 ZP)
  • Interculturally-oriented courses (2 SWS, 10 ZP), e.g.:
    • Studium global - Wege ins Ausland
    • Language and/ or culture tutorials in the field of German as a Second Language (DaZ) or Linguistics
    • Lecture series, lectures, or seminars on the topic
  • Other comparable experiences

Detailed explanations of the structure and regulations of the Certificate for Intercultural Competence can be found in the appropriate Certificate Regulations (Ordnung zum Zertifikat starting 05/2019; Ordnung zum Zertifikat before 05/2019).

*) Experiences and reflections can also be presented in the form of a Mahara E-Portfolio (10 additional ZP)


Component 1:
Intercultural Training

Component 3:
International and Intercultural Volunteering