Basics on Erasmus+ International Mobility grants for students

The Erasmus+ International mobility programme with partner countries (KA107) provides students (BA, MA, PhD) from partner universities outside the EU to study at HU:

  • Mobility subsidy for the foreign-related additional costs,
  • Exemption from tuition fees at the host university,
  • Assistance in the preparation of the stay abroad,
  • Support for the academic recognition of credits achieved during studies abroad,
  • Alumni follow up processing after the study abroad experience.

Mobility allowance for your ERASMUS + International Studies:

  • Grantees receive for the period of studies financial support of 800 EUR per month. The grant shall cover insurance, housing, food, local transport, travel costs if it exceeds the travel support lump sum and any other costs incurred during the stay at HU. The funding amount is disbursed in two or three installments, the first installment is 50-70% of the pledged total funding.
  • The production period is at least three months, up to five months in a semester stay and up to 12 months for a stay of the entire academic year. Generally a day-definite calculation of the last month up to the maximum production time.
  • The total duration of the Erasmus + International mobility period must not exceed 12 months per study cycle. Within the maximum period, several study visits, will also be subsidized at different EU universities.
  • The start / end of a funded Erasmus study period is the first day on which the sponsored student is present for Academic Purposes at the HU (registration, first introductory meeting or the first day of the semester) or the last lecture or exam, respectively. This period must be documented (Confirmation of Arrival and Departure). Deadlines of assignments or review dates will not be considered.
  • Study periods, which were previously funded by Erasmus + International will be credited to the corresponding mobility quotas for the respective cycle (BA, MA, PhD). Students can get another 12 months in promoting Erasmus + International for each cycle BA, MA, PhD.
  • Erasmus + International study at a partner university at this time (2016-17) can not be connected to an Erasmus internship.