Health Insurance

In order to matriculate, you need to show proof of your current health insurance cover. During the matriculation period, representatives of public health insurance companies (AOK, BARMER, DAK or TK) will be present and answer any questions. If you do not yet have adequate health insurance, you can purchase a German insurance policy. Here are the contacts of the students' advisors who are familiar with the specific questions of students:

AOK Nordost
Christopher Manicke
Phone: (+49 331) 27 72-24632
Phone: 0800 26 50 80-24632 (free of charge in Germany)

Melanie Griebsch
Phone: (+49 30) 634 991-381
Phone: 0800 333004 101-381 (free of charge in Germany)

DAK Gesundheit
Jessika Meschkat
Phone: (+49 711) 47 07 97 11 11

Die Techniker
Lutz Matuschke
Phone: (+49 40) 460 65 10 37 07

Information regarding health insurance:

A. International students from countries with social security agreements with Germany

Students coming from countries that have a social security agreement with Germany should bring their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with them. The EHIC is accepted in Germany, however for the card to be acknowledged, you must register with a German insurance company (for example with the AOK, BARMER, DAK or TK representatives during matriculation).

Students with certifications in the frame of a social security agreement like T/A11 (Turkey), B/H6 (Bosnia-Herzegovina) or others have also to register with one of the public German insurance companies.

B. International students with private health insurance

Students who have private health insurance in their home country may obtain mandatory insurance with a public German health insurance company of their choice (e.g. (AOK, BARMER, DAK or TK) as mentioned above) or apply for proof of exemption from mandatory health insurance.

Please consider carefully that once an arrangement for exemption from German mandatory health insurance has been made, later admission to any public health insurance provider in Germany is impossible during your stay as a student. We advise you to arrange German health insurance cover to make medical consultations and hospital stays less complicated.

C. All other international students

Students who have no private health insurance and whose home country has no social security agreement with Germany must arrange health insurance with a mandatory health insurance provider. In order to simplify the handling process, we advise you to arrange health insurance with a German provider. When processing your application for a visa, the German embassy often needs proof of valid health insurance cover. You may contact AOK, BARMER, DAK or TK from your home country to close a contract before entering Germany (contact see above).

Currently, the monthly fee for students is about 110 EUR at all German mandatory health insurance providers. The fee is composed of a premium for health insurance and nursing care insurance. Additional costs depend on the respective insurance.