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Any student taken off the university register is no longer a member of the Humboldt student community. The procedure is referred to as Exmatrikulation in German.

Students wishing to discontinue studies at Humboldt-Universität are required to submit a written request to be taken off the university register to the Student Enrolment Office (Immatrikulationsbüro ► 6.4.5), or (for exchange students, Programmstudierende) to the International Department (► 5.1, Incoming Team). The exmatriculation can only go into effect after Humboldt-Universität has received the request. However, exmatriculated students are still entitled to take examinations.

In certain cases, students can be taken off the university register if, for example, they fail to submit required proof of payment of mandatory fees and dues despite a written warning that registration was not renewed (late re-registration).

The legal foundations for exmatriculation are explained in sections 128-130 of the General Study and Examination Regulations (ZSP) of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.