9.1.3 Intercultural Trainings | FAMOS Interkulturell

For several years now, Humboldt-Universität has run courses in intercultural training in cooperation with the Institute of Comparative Education. The training puts emphasis on two aspects: firstly, there are courses such as Gewusst wie! Studieren in Deutschland. They are also offered in English (Get ready for studying in Germany). They are designed to make studying at a German university easier for international students by acquainting them with some cultural differences and providing study-related information. Some of the courses are offered at the start of the university year. Secondly, there are courses focusing on intercultural issues that are attended by both German and international students. These courses help to provide a mutual understanding between students and leave them safe in the knowledge that they are not alone.

Further information and registration can be found at the "Orbis" (9.1.2) or via the FAMOS Interkulturell website.
E-Mail: famos-interkulturell@hu-berlin.de

In 2007, the project was given the award Exzellente Betreuung ausländischer Studierender (Excellent support for international students).