9.1.9 Humboldt newspapers

Two newspapers are published at Humboldt-Universität: the university newspaper HUMBOLDT and the student newspaper UnAuf. Both are monthly papers, which are available free of charge in the semester periods. Students may join the editorial teams of the papers.

University newspaper HUMBOLDT
Unter den Linden 6
10117 Berlin

Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-29 46
E-Mail: hu-zeitung@hu-berlin.de
Web: www.hu-berlin.de/pr/zeitung

Humboldt student newspaper UnAuf
Invalidenstraße 110, room 118
10115 Berlin

Phone: (+49 30) 20 93-22 88
E-Mail: chefredaktion@unauf.de
Web: www.unauf.de