Application documents

Which application documents are required and what do they look like? Which templates can I use?

Applications for study abroad stays at our partner universities worldwide must be submitted online.


  • in German and English (or the language of the respective host country)
  • if you do not speak the language of your host country and will be taking classes in English at the partner institution, you may submit a CV in English


Letter of motivation

  • in German and English (or the language of the respective host country)
  • 2-3 pages
  • should refer to only one partner university; in case of simultaneous applications for several partner universities please submit a letter of motivation (German and English) for each university
  • You should ask yourself the following questions when developing your motivational letter and study plan:
    • Why does a study abroad make sense for your current studies?
    • To what extent does this study abroad fit into the further course of your studies at HU; to what extent does it support the completion of your studies at HU (e.g. research work for your final thesis)?
    • What are your personal motives for studying abroad?

Language acquisition does not constitute sufficient justification for a study abroad, since applicants are expected to have good to very good language skills in advance. This will enable them to approach the subject-related studies abroad without major language problems.


Letter of recommendation (Template - GermanEnglish)

  • Please have instructors/professors e-mail or mail the letter of recommendation directly to the International Department  


Transcript of Records (AGNES-Auszug) 

  • please contact your examination office for a stamped and signed transcript of records 


List of courses currently being attended, if applicable (Template - english)

  • only required if you are in the 1st semester of your master's program and no courses have yet been completed


Study Plan (Template - english)

  • This is not a Learning Agreement, but simply a list of the courses you would like to take at the host university, based on the current course catalog.
  • If applying for several partner universities at the same time, please create a Study Plan for each university and upload it as one combined PDF file.


Proof of language proficiency

Different language certificates might be required, depending on the language and country/partner university. Please check the pages of the respective regional departments for the specific language certificate that is required for an application to your desired university.

Common language certificates for English are the TOEFL and IELTS. In addition, there is also the possibility to acquire the DAAD language certificate at the HU Language Center for numerous languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.).

  • TOEFL for partner universities in Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore and in the US
  • IELTS for Australian partner universities
  • DAAD language certificate from the HU Language Center for most other languages (also English); depending on country/partner university