Corona Assistance

Support programmes and funds for (international) students in the current situation

The pandemic has greatly affected the economic situation of many students - numerous student jobs have been lost or are on hold during the pandemic. Especially students who are not entitled to BAföG are worried about how to continue their studies.

Here we would like to inform you about some funding options:

1) Bridging aid from the State of Berlin

The federal government has created so-called bridging aids for students. Here, students have the opportunity to receive up to 500 euros in subsidies for living expenses. One application can be submitted per month. A possible grant and its amount depend (among others) primarily on two factors:

  • Pandemic-related hardship must be proven. Students must prove that they have unsuccessfully tried to find alternative sources of income in the past 2 months, for example, student part-time jobs or - if they are self-employed - orders. They must provide at least two corresponding receipts (e.g. refusals from employers) for this purpose.
  • Current credit must not exceed 500 euros. Complete proof of all existing accounts over the last 2 months must be provided for this purpose. This includes credit card accounts, Paypal accounts, etc.

All further information on this fund can be found on the information page All questions are answered in the DSW FAQs (the link is on the aforementioned page). Students should be sure to check that all documentation is complete before applying. Once the application has been submitted, no corrections can be made.

2) Technology Fund of the State of Berlin

The upcoming semester will also start as a digital semester. To ensure that studies do not fail due to a lack of technical equipment, the state of Berlin has launched the Technology Fund. Depending on their technical needs, students can receive a one-time technology grant of either 200 EUR, 400 EUR or 500 EUR. The grant is dependent on the following factors:

  • The account balance must not exceed EUR 1,000 (if you have your own children, an additional EUR 300 per child will be credited).

All further information about this fund can be found on the info page Students are asked to read all the information thoroughly. It is essential that you check that all documents are complete before submitting your application. Once the application is submitted, no corrections can be made.

3) Subsidy to the "Start of Studies and Graduation" Fund

Students who are in the first or last 12 months of their studies and who can demonstrate a special social need have the opportunity to apply to the fund "Subsidy to start and finish studies". Eligible students can receive a one-time grant of 1,000 euros. Special attention must be paid here,

    ... that the applicant is in the first or last 12 months of his/her studies. This fund exclusively supports students in the particularly difficult phases of starting or completing their studies. Students in the middle of their studies are not eligible for support.

    ... that the special social need is proven. This is measured on the basis of various criteria: Is the applicant an international student? Does he/she receive BAföG? Does he/she already have children? Does he/she have a disability or chronic illness? Do the applicant's parents receive state transfer payments? Is the applicant a working-class child or does the family have a migration background?

    ... that the level of debt is not too high. It must be ensured that any subsidy fulfills the purpose of the subsidy. If, instead, it must be assumed that a subsidy will only serve to pay off debts, the application will be rejected.

All important information about this fund can be found at Students are advised to read all information thoroughly. You should be sure to check that all documentation is complete before applying. Once the application is submitted, no corrections can be made.

4) Corona Aid from the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

Financial support for students provided by the KfW:

5) Completion of degree scholarships for international students at HU Berlin

Scholarships are awarded by the International Department with funds from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), but we currently have very limited funds. Please ask if it is possible to apply: