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Academic Writing

All about academic writing
27.10. 2021  10 am - 2 pm Registration
Learn about academic text types, structures and characteristics, writing conventions and coherent language use. The webinar will be enriched with examples to more easily grasp the theory. Another focus of the course are types of referencing, how to quote correctly and what plagiarism really is. At the end of the course, no open questions should remain. Extra material for home use will be provided. At the end of the webinar, you should feel empowered to analyse and write an academic text.
Academic writing in practice
28.10.2021 10 am - 1 pm Registration
Learn about how to achieve better readability by expressing yourself concisely and clearly. Specific topics will be text structure (IMRaD; body paragraphs) and wording, including first-sentence strategies and titles. Individual and group exercises as well as answering your questions are part of the course. At the end of the webinar, obstacles about structuring and starting your writing should have vanished.
Writing an abstract – practical course
10.11.2021 3 - 6 pm Registration
well-written abstract shows how well you understood your own paper or essay. Learn about how to convey the aim of an abstract in this mainly practical course. After a short theoretical input, you will write an abstract that will be analysed afterwards in pairs or groups. You can bring your own topic if you like.

Lectures, speeches, presentations

All about presentations
03.11.2021 3 - 7 pm Registration
Learn how to prepare a presentation with or without slides, orchestrate voice, control body language, quote media used in your presentation and fight anxiety. At the end of the course, you should feel empowered to prepare and give a presentation
Presentations in practice – structure, content, slide design
08.11.2021  3 - 6 pm Registration
Learn how to present the most important things in five or ten minutes and to design slides with an understandable meaning. You can bring your own topic if you like.
Presentations in practice –speech, body language, feedback
19.11.2021 10 am - 1 pm Registration

Learn how to coordinate your presentation with your speech and body language. You will prepare and give a five-minute presentation; give and receive constructive feedback after the talk; deal with questions and criticism; fight anxiety. You can bring your own topic if you like.




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