Wellbeing: Workshops und Tutorials

Want the key to success in your studies and tips on how to approach challenges? We offer you the perfect preparation and support throughout your studies at the HU!

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  • All sessions will take place via Zoom
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We are looking forward to seeing you!



Time management in study
02.11.2021 6 - 8 pm Registration

Do you know the feeling: too much work, not enough hours a day? We do too! In this workshop we will show you effective strategies and methods for good time management in your studies: setting goals, creating a plan for the day/week/month, building routines, learning with a positive attitude. Study with joy and without time pressure!

Exam is coming: Dealing with exam stress
19.01.2022 6 - 8 pm Registration

The next exam is coming and all you feel is stress or even panic? Here you will learn different techniques to cope with exam stress, relax and prepare your oral and written exams calmly and optimally.

Breathing and meditation techniques in practise: resilience power for students

7.12.2021/ 14.12.2021

8 - 8:30 am

Register and decide which dates you want to attend.

More dates in January!


You will learn breathing techniques to help you strengthen, gather and calm yourself in stressful situations. Furthermore there will be a small introduction to a guided meditation.
You don't have to attend all the sessions. Just show up, meet other students and look forward to rest and relaxation. Let's OM!

Food Urban Sketching Tour: Reduce stress by drawing
10.12.2021 6 - 7 pm Registration

Join our virtual Food Urban Sketching Tour through Berlin. Draw with other students, get lots of tips on cool restaurants and delicious food in Berlin. For example, find out where the best croissants are served and draw them!
You don't need any previous experience in drawing. Urban sketching is fun! Just grab a pen and get inspired!


Finding a JOB, Applying for SCHOLARSHIPS

How can I finance my studies?
25.10.2021 6 - 8 pm Registration

In this workshop we will take a closer look at the financing options for students: What kind of student jobs are there in Berlin? Am I entitled to vacation pay? Which scholarships can I apply for? Is an internship also paid? What rights do I have? You will get the answers to these questions and much more in this workshop!

Basic Know-How: How can I apply successfully for a job in Germany?
18.11.2021 4 - 6 pm Registration

In this webinar you will get all the important information about the application process in Germany. How do I apply correctly? Which documents are required? How does an interview work? What do I need to consider when applying online? We will answer your questions and give you tips on how to turn your international experience into a strength.

How to write a perfect written application for a job
29.11.2021 6 - 8 pm Registration

Are you the perfect person for the job? In this workshop you will learn to express your personal strengths in a written application and how to convince with your competencies.

How to prepare and conduct job interviews
30.11.2021 6 - 8 pm Registration

We will give you tips and tricks for a successful job interview, analyze video examples and practice together to prepare you for your interview.

Studies finished and now a job! Everyday job life in Germany
28.02.2022 6 - 8 pm Registration

Ready to start working? We give you brief and compact information about the German working world after graduation. You will learn tools and strategies for dealing with cultural misunderstandings in everyday worklife and can ask your questions.