Checklist on Departure

We recommend that you set aside sufficient time for these preparations before you leave. Cancelling telephone contracts, bank accounts, etc. can sometimes take more time than you think. We have put together an overview of the key points you should take care of before you leave. We would also be happy to advise you directly.
  Notify International Scholar Services of your departure
This will help us to keep our records up to date. We will also be happy to assist you in all of the following steps.
  Registering your departure with the Bürgeramt
You can register your departure up to 7 days prior to moving out, but no later than 14 days after moving out. You must also book an appointment with the Bürgeramt to do this. Registering your departure is very important - especially if you wish to return to Germany at a later date or have your contributions to the pension fund or VBL refunded.
  Terminating your tenancy agreement 
Check what the period of notice is for terminating your tenancy agreement and ensure that you give in your notice in time.  Electricity, gas, telephone and internet often need to be cancelled separately.
Have you paid a deposit on your apartment? If so, speak to your landlord ahead of time about when and how the deposit will be paid back.
  Looking for a new tenant?
You are leaving soon and your apartment becomes vacant? In order to help other scholars find an apartment, the International Scholar Services collect private rental offers in an informal database and pass them on to new arrivals. In case you are looking for a new tenant, please contact us.
The departure confirmation from the Bürgeramt may be necessary for this.
  Terminating your mobile phone contract
  Closing your bank account
  Returning keys, books etc. belonging to the institute and libraries
  Setting up a forwarding order for your mail
If you still want to receive letters which have been accidentally adressed to your Berlin address, you can set up a redirection order for your mail. The Deutsche Post will redirect your mail automatically to your new address - even if you are going to live outside of Germany. Please find further information here:
  “Stay Humboldt”
Did you study, work or do research at Humboldt-Universität? Stay connected with the university and register with our alumni portal. The alumni office is happy to give advice on any questions you might have concerning alumni relations.
  Humboldt Talent Travel Awards
Return to Humboldt-Universität as an international research alumni with a return grant and bring a young researcher from your current home university with you! For more information:
Do you have other questions?

If so please contact the International Scholar Services.

Checklist as PDF

Here you can find all important points as PDF download.