How do you communicate science?

Blog of the winners of the Berlin Science Communication Award – Journalist-in-Residence Programme

The authors of the Elevator Science blog are six talented junior science journalists from Brazil, Singapore and the United States, which are all states where the Humboldt-Universität has developed strategic partnerships with the Universidade de São Paulo, the National University of Singapore and Princeton University. As part of the Journalist-in-Residence Programme, the science journalists spent two months in Berlin at the end of 2017. During this time they were able to gain an exclusive insight into the Berlin research landscape and work together with scientists from their own research areas.

Some of these scientists, which the junior science journalists were able to meet during their stay, are presented on the Elevator Science blog. For this purpose the journalists created the “Elevator Pitch Challenge”, where they asked scientists from different research areas to explain their studies in simple words. The idea is to explain their research in the way that they would describe it to a stranger in an elevator, during the time it takes for the elevator to go from one floor to the next.

Apart from that, there are other interviews and articles around the topic of science communication on the blog, for which the journalists continued to write articles after the end of their stay in Berlin. Additionally, there is also a list with links to other websites, books and online courses for science journalists. And for readers of science journalism and consumers of news in general there is a guide detailing how to deal with news and how to verify them.


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