KOSMOS Summer University / Fellows

KOSMOS Summer Universities allowed researchers at Humboldt-University Berlin to combine three vital elements of their work - interdisciplinary research, international collaboration, and the promotion of excellent young researchers

The KOSMOS Summer University provided Humboldt-University's scientists and international guests with a solid foundation for developing a research project over a period of up to one year. This time period concluded with a KOSMOS Summer University carried out in cooperation with at least two international universities.

A prominent scientist with a high international reputation served as KOSMOS Fellow, enriching the KOSMOS Summer University and supporting it by means of an extended stay of several months in Berlin. Together with the Humboldt-University researchers and teachers, the KOSMOS Fellow was responsible for developing the content for the Summer University, while working on his or her own research activities at the same time. This approach fostered the atmosphere of a teaching and research laboratory during the two-week-long KOSMOS Summer University.  

Alongside the international university partners and in coordination with the applicants and fellows, non-universitary institutions (e.g. cultural facilities) could also contribute to a KOSMOS Summer University.