Lisa in Mel­bourne

Porträt von Lisa.

Hey, my name is Lisa and I'm in my fourth master's semester of Business Administration at HU Berlin. I am currently on a semester abroad at the University of Melbourne and looking forward to sharing my experiences with you!

    • The jour­ney be­gins when the plan­ning starts - or some­thing like that

      HU ambassadors

      Organizing a semester abroad is a challenge. In this blog entry I would like to tell you how I prepared before finally leaving for Australia. What should you not forget in your planning and when should you start?

      lisa mit Klippen und dem Meer im Hintergrund.
    • Five things no­body told me be­fore my se­mes­ter abroad

      HU ambassadors

      I thought I knew what to expect from my semester abroad. But there were a few things I really wasn’t prepared for. In this blog entry, I’ll share five oft hem with you.

      Lisa mit grafittibedeckten Gebäuden im Hintergrund.
    • How to say good­bye

      HU ambassadors

      How do you say goodbye to people you might not see again for many years? After six months in Australia, I'm on the plane back to Berlin. In this blog entry, I share the thoughts and feelings that accompany me on the 28-hour return journey.

      Lisa with her friends in the desert.
    • HU am­bas­sadors

      HU ambassadors

      As students at HU Berlin, you can apply to spend a semester abroad at partner universities across the globe. To inspire, encourage and inform you, our four HU ambassadors will blog about their experiences throughout the winter term. New posts every other week!

      Die HU Bot­schaf­ter*in­nen vor Humboldt Universität.