Putting things into perspective together – it often takes more than two hands. Photo: Stephan Röhl

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin is a hub for international collaboration and prides itself on fostering a wide range of collaborations, ranging from informal individual-level partnerships to formalised strategic partnerships.

Our individual collaborations extend across numerous international teaching and research projects, which are driven forward through the teamwork of individual scientists. The regional priorities of these activities are determined in close cooperation with academic chairs and faculties.

HU's strategic partnerships reflect a university-wide, cross-faculty interest and play a significant role in building the university's international profile. We are also involved in various international networks to promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices with our partners and strengthen our presence in the international research landscape.

    • Strate­gic Part­ner­ships


      The strategic partnerships represent cross-faculty interests and significantly shape the international focus of the university. By collaborating with selected leading universities, we reinforce global networks and shared competencies.

    • Col­lab­o­ra­tion net­works


      Humboldt-Universität is involved in the two academic networks Circle U. and CENTRAL, with which it consolidates its commitment in Europe.

If cross-departmental collaborations are to be established and collaboration between individual faculties and institutes is to be promoted internationally, faculty contracts are signed. The International Department can provide sample contracts to support this. If the collaborations at the faculty level prove to be fruitful and compatible with several academic areas, this can result in university contracts that pursue common goals and pool resources from several faculties.

Various funding opportunities are available to support international collaborations, enabling our researchers and students to execute their projects and expand their international experiences. The International Department is available to help you find suitable funding opportunities for your international projects.