Hum­boldt In­tern­ship Pro­gram

Im Bild überwacht eine Praktikantin den Versuchsaufbau in einem Labor am Campus Adlershof.
The Humboldt Internship Programme offers a great variety of possibilities, from the humanities to the sciences. In the picture, an intern monitors the experiment set-up in a laboratory at Campus Adlershof. Photo: Claire Lewis

Do you wish to see what a research project or start-up is like and get to know the German capital, Berlin? The Humboldt Internship Program enables you to participate in subject-specific study for three months in a real working environment.

As part of a research team or a start-up, you gain exciting insights into diverse academic fields, individual support during your stay and ECTS study points. Take a look at the current project list and check which of the periods indicated would be possible for you. The variety of research projects and start-up teams leaves nothing to be desired – there will certainly be an exciting topic there for you. With online meet-ups, we help you to prepare for your stay before you travel and invite you to a workshop in your first week of work. The workshop includes topics such as working methods, expectations, health, motivation and working in a team.


    • Cus­tomized in­tern­ship pro­gramme is grow­ing

      Humboldt International Campus

      The Humboldt Internship Program (HIP), welcomed eleven participants from Brown University this fall term. The section of the programme, customized specifically for students of Brown University, has more than doubled its number of participants in its second year.

    • In­ter­na­tionales Par­la­mentsstipendi­um wel­comes new co­hort

      Humboldt International Campus

      This year's 96 scholarship holders in the Internationales Parlamentsstipendium are hailing from 42 different countries. They were welcomed in early March by Yvonne Magwas, Vice-President of the Bundestag, in the Reichstag building.

    • 18.07.2024

      15:15 — 18:00 ​

      Senate Hall, HU main building, Unter den Linden 6

      Stu­dent Re­search in Prac­tice

      An event by the Humboldt Internship Program: Students participating in the programme will present their contribution to research projects at Humboldt-Universität and start-ups of Humboldt-Innovation.

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