My favourite sem­i­nar dur­ing my se­mes­ter abroad

HU has a network of outstanding partner universities with exciting course programmes for students. During my time at Sciences Po, I was able to benefit enormously from this. Read on to find out about my favourite seminar here and what's special about it.

Science Po Paris offers a unique learning environment – a major perk of studying here! (Photo: private)

During my time at Sciences Po Paris, I had the privilege of being able to attend really great courses. My favourite was a seminar on nuclear energy. The decision to choose this seminar was an easy one for me: At a time when discussions about renewable energies and the future of energy supply are getting louder and louder, the topic of nuclear energy seemed to me to be an indispensable part of this debate.

The seminar is divided into several modules, each covering a different aspect of nuclear energy. We started with the basic physics and functioning of nuclear power plants before moving on to topics such as nuclear waste management, reactor safety and political challenges. The units in which we discussed the geopolitical impact of nuclear energy and the role it plays in the energy strategies of different countries were of particular interest to me. The different perspectives that were covered gave me good insights and extensive knowledge on the topic.

A unique learning environment

Another reason why this seminar is so special is the overall learning environment: The courses at Sciences Po are characterised by their small group sizes, which allow for an intensive and interactive learning atmosphere. There are only about 15 students in our seminar, so we have the opportunity to have in-depth discussions and exchange more with the lecturer.

Another highlight? The guest lectures by experts from industry and politics. Their practical insights and experiences brought the theoretical content of the seminar to life and gave us an understanding of the role of and challenges related to nuclear energy in the real world. Particularly impressive was a presentation by a former advisor to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who spoke about global safety standards and international cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

A small seminar group facilitated an intensive exchange with fellow students, guests and the lecturer. (Photo: private)

New motivation and ideas for the future

This seminar has broadened and deepened my understanding of nuclear energy considerably. It showed me how multi-layered and complex this topic is and how important it is to develop a well-founded and nuanced stance. It also strengthened my interest in energy policy and motivated me to continue my involvement in this area. In that sense, my exchange semester has given me an important impetus for the future.

The nuclear energy seminar at Sciences Po was undoubtedly the best class I attended during my semester abroad. The combination of in-depth theoretical training, real-life insights and a unique learning environment made this seminar an enriching and inspiring experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course and look forward to applying what I have learnt to my future studies and professional activities.