Information for refugee and prospective students

Important questions and answers for refugee students and prospective students

As a student who is a refugee from Ukraine, do I have the possibility to be enrolled at HU in a simplified procedure? 

If you are a refugee from Ukraine, have been enrolled at a university there, have a corresponding residence permit in Berlin, have Ukrainian citizenship, and have sufficient knowledge of English or German, we may be able to enroll you for the summer semester 2024 (01.04.2024 - 30.09.2024). You will receive the status of an exchange student. This means that you will not be allowed to obtain a degree, but you will be able to orient yourself at our University and already collect ECTS points.

Deadline for this procedure is February 29, 2024. 

To apply, please submit the following documents to the e-mail address

- Copy of passport

- Language certificate German B1 / B2 or English B2, if applicable. If you do not have a certificate, please use our online test

- Residence permit or certificate of application for refugees from Ukraine for temporary protection according to § 24 Residence Act in connection with a distribution decision for Berlin from the State Office for Refugee Affairs or confirmation of registration from a Berlin citizens' office

- Certificate of enrollment from the Ukrainian university or notification (dovidka) of which university in which course of study in which semester have you studied.

After checking the complete documents you will receive an answer from us. For enrollment you still have to pay a semester fee (about 260 €).

This offer is not valid for persons who are still in Ukraine or who are not registered in Berlin as refugees. Special opportunities exist for students of one of our partner universities (Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv and Ivan Franko University in Lviv). In this case, please contact the International Office of your home university.

How can I apply for a regular degree course at Humboldt-Universität?

An application is possible for the winter semester 2024-2025 and for the summer semester 2025 if the necessary application requirements are met. The application for a study place at HU takes place via uni-assist. The online portal provides detailed information on the application procedure for international applicants and a list of the required application documents (English version is to be added later).

Additional, comprehensive information can be found in our Guide for International Students.

Do I have access to the university with my foreign certificates?

Information on the assessment and formal recognition of foreign educational qualifications can be found in the database anabin. A self-check of the university entrance qualification is possible on the uni-assist self-check page.

The country-specific information may also be helpful. The decision on the recognition of foreign qualifications is made by uni-assist when processing the application.

What language certificates do I need to apply for graduate studies?

All undergraduate degree programmes (Bachelor, state exams) are German-language programmes, so a German certificate of level C1 is required for the application.

For the Master’s application, it depends on the respective programme’s requirements. Information on Master’s admission and language requirements can be found under “Special knowledge” in our programme catalogue.

Can I learn German at Humboldt-Universität? At which levels are courses offered and how can I register?
If you are enrolled at Humboldt-Universität, you can participate in classes offered by the university’s Language Centre. German courses for different levels are offered there.

Are the study opportunities presented here also open to international students who are fleeing Ukraine but do not have Ukrainian citizenship?

Refugee students from Ukraine who do not have Ukrainian citizenship may obtain a six-month residence permit. Those affected can contact We recommend following the general regulations about residence in Germany. For details concerning the study opportunities please contact us:

I have Russian citizenship and am interested in studying at Humboldt-Universität. Can I apply?

Applications from Russian students for places at Humboldt-Universität Berlin are still accepted.


What is the HU scholarship programme and how can I participate?

If you are enrolled as an exchange student, you will automatically benefit from the HU scholarship programme which covers the university’s regular semester fee. Additional scholarships are currently being evaluated and students will be informed about scholarship opportunities.

Does the university offer accommodation for Ukrainian refugee students?

The university does not have its own accommodation facilities. Students can apply for places in the Studierendenwerk halls of residence. The HU only has a limited share available, so we cannot guarantee a dorm room to every interested student.

Individuals in need of accommodation find assistance at the Berlin Arrival center, Saatwinkler Damm in 13405 Berlin, open 24/7. All official information can be found on The platform arranges accommodation.