Welcome initiatives for refugees


Student support programmes

In many HU faculties, student initiatives support refugees in the early stages of student life as well as with issues regarding asylum law. Thanks to funding from the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) programme “Welcome - Students Helping Refugees“, Humboldt-Universität is able to focus on strengthening these initiatives and monitoring them on an interdisciplinary level.


Zukunft gestalten ("Shaping Future") Initiative

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Geography Department

The project "Zukunft gestalten" ("Shaping future") offers monthly workshops about studying and working in Germany. In the mentoring programme, the initiative looks for "student buddies" who will assist refugees interested in study with both university-related and everyday issues. The intitiative also offers counselling and support services - especially for the university degrees at the faculty, i.e. Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Physics.

Website: Refugee Welcome Geography Department
Contact: zukunft.gestalten@hu-berlin.de
Flyer: Zukunft gestalten (Feb 2023)


Refugee Law Clinic e.V.

Faculty of Law

Refugee Law Clinic Berlin e.V. is an initiative of HU students and doctoral candidates from various fields. It aims to provide students with knowledge of asylum and immigration law, while, at the same time, offering free, competent and multilingual legal advice for refugees and migrants in Berlin.

Website: Refugee Law Clinic
Contact: info@rlc-berlin.org
Flyer: Refugee Law Clinic (Jan 2019)


LeWi Welcome

Faculty of Life Sciences

The LeWi Welcome initiative focuses on providing refugees with an easier entry into studies and on supporting them with the integration into university life as well as into the student community. For this purpose, the initiative offers a weekly Language Café, a mentoring programme and joint cultural activities.

Website: LeWi-Welcome
Contact: welcome.lewi@hu-berlin.de
Flyer: LeWi Welcome (Jan 2019)




Welcome Tandems

Faculties of Humanities & Social Sciences, Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research

The programme Welcome Tandems facilitates an exchange of knowledge and experience on an equal footage, with the aim to create supporting and personal contacts, to deconstruct stereotypes and to simplify the access for refugees to institutions of higher education. The exchange and with each other shall be provided on two levels: on the one hand by building up tandems – composed of students of Humboldt-Universität and refugees – and on the other hand by regularly organised seminars.

Website: Welcome Tandems
Contact: welcome-tandems-bim@hu-berlin.de
Facebook: HUWelcomeTandems
Instagram: huwelcometandems
Flyer: Welcome Tandems (June 2020)


Student Conference for Welcome Programmes

On the initiative of its own Welcome projects, HU organised the first nation-wide student conference for the Welcome programmes (Welcome-StudiKon) in October 2017. More than 100 engaged participants from all over Germany used the conference as a platform to exchange their experiences of the past two years. The conference also enabled the students to extend their expert knowledge in the field of refugee support in Higher Education and to enforce the development of a common network.

Documentation of results (only available in German): Ergebnisbroschüre of Welcome-StudiKon


Further HU initiatives for refugees

Tips on other initiatives at HU will be gladly received (please email koordination.welcome@hu-berlin.de).





Neda Soltani

International Department

Main Contact HU initiatives “Refugees Welcome”

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