Refund of student transportation pass (Rückerstattung Semesterticket)

If you have completed your stay before the end of the term, and you have deregistered from the University, you can request a refund of the student transportation pass fee for the months that you won't be using it. You need to have a valid bank account because we transfer the refunds electronically. Payment in cash is not possible.

Please download the refund request form, fill it out, sign it and hand it in at the International Office, room 2258, during the office hours. Here you can download a completed example.

Please note that it will take up to four weeks to process the application. You should hand in the form early and make sure that your bank account stays valid for the following four weeks. The transfer can be made to a German or an International account. For the transfer we need your International account details, i.e. the SWIFT/BIC-Code and the IBAN. Should you have an account outside of the SEPA area, please provide your account number. Transfer fees have to be paid by the recipient.

Only full months are being refunded, please fill in the amount of months that are remaining until the end of the term in Berlin after your deregistration. If you deregister as of August 6th, you can only receive a refund for the month of September. You can hand in the refund request together with the deregistration form.

Contact Refund

Christine Schneider
International Office
Room 2261
Tel.: (+49 30) 2093-46 719

Office Hours

Tuesday     10 am - 1 pm
Wednesday 1 pm - 4 pm