Cultural Awareness

Teilnehmer des Trainings am TischTraining "Studying and living in an international context"

Fr., 14.06.- Sa., 15.06.2019
- in German
Fr., 21.06.- Sa., 22.06.2019 
- in English


Dealing with people from different cultures is a big challenge. This workshop is designed for international and German students in order to give them useful insights into "hidden" challenges that may arise in intercultural settings. One of the main goals of this course is to increase participants' intercultural awareness, to discover how to build bridges towards different cultures and to provide some instruments with which to analyse and handle intercultural situations.

"Culture is the whole way of life" (Raymond Williams). The way we perceive, what we think is right or wrong, how we communicate and act in different situations is determined by our cultural background. Consequently, cultural differences may lead to misunderstandings and conflicts, which might not happen if both parties are aware of specific cultural codes.

Through practical and interactive activities, participants will have a chance to discover their own "cultural imprints" as well as to analyse common reaction patterns in different intercultural settings. These will help participants to operate more confidently in different intercultural contexts.

The workshop is suitable for outgoing students in order to prepare for their exchange semester as well as for incoming international students who would like to find out more about local cultures.

*Please note: This workshop is not designed to cover one specific culture. Different cultures in general will be discussed with examples from countries from all around the world.

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Orbis Humboldtianus, room 1068

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15 Euros (snacks and pizza included)

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This training can be counted towards the Certificate for Intercultural Competence - ZERTIKO