1. Application for a residence permit

enlightened Although the application for a residence permit can be done at any time, it must be completed at least 6 weeks before your visa expires. If possible, please try to avoid applying for your residence permit at the beginning of the semester, at which time your visa still (usually) has a long period of validity. Matriculation is possible on the basis of your visa, and for students from countries that do not need visas, matriculation is possible without a visa.

The following documents must be submitted to the Visa Service:

Please help us by preparing your documents and filling out the application forms as well as possible - the Info Desk is happy to support you with this! Make sure to bring copies of the necessary documents, including copies of your bank statements and your registration document (Meldebescheinigung).

You will receive a certificate with a passport photo (Bescheinigung mit Passbild) from us that we have taken your passport and forwarded it for processing to the Berlin Immigration Office. *)

We take your passport and application documents to the Higher Education Service (Hochschulservice) of the Berlin Immigration Office, with whom we closely work together. After a processing time of approximately 3-4 weeks, you will receive your passport with your residence permit (as an adhesive label in your passport) from the Visa Service. (At the beginning of the semester, the processing time can take longer.) The cost for the initial application amounts to 56 euros.

We will collect the amount in cash when the application is submitted to us. Unfortunately, we cannot accept payment by card.

*) In the case of ticket inspections from the BVG, your Campus Card is valid, if you have opted to have your picture printed on the Campus Card. If you have chosen to have your Campus Card printed without a photo ID, and you do not have any other suitable photo identification (Lichtbildausweis), such as a driving licence or ISIC, we will issue you this document with a passport photo upon request.


Guide for International Students

Guide for International Students