Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus mobility grants for students and staff from non-EU Partner Universities to Humboldt-Universität (incoming)

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin participated from 2007 until 2018 in ERASMUS MUNDUS Action 2 (EMA2 Partnerships) in several EMA2 university consortia in order to promote teaching and research co-operation of EU universities with students and scholars in partner countries and universities of the consortium. These consortia provided via Calls for Applications individual mobility grants to students, scientists and university staff. The  last call in the EULAlinks  Sense Consortium with Latin America has been  launched in November 2016 for incoming BA, MA, PhD and Postdoc.

EMA2 Mobility Grants for studies, research and academic exchange:

- Undergraduates (Bachelor) 6-10 months, Master 6-22 months with a monthly allowance of 1000 €;

- PhD 6-33 months with a monthly allowance of 1500 €;

- Postdoc 6-10 months with a monthly allowance of 1800 €;

- Staff 1-3 months with a monthly allowance of 2500 €.

ERASMUS MUNDUS Calls 2016/17


Partner countries

eligible for applications-

Call open (indikativ)


Lot 2 PEACE  2
  • Jordanien
  • Libanon
  • Palästina
  • Syrien
no new call in 2016

Project duration until July 2017          

LOT 4 AURORA 2 Russland

no new call

project duration until July 2017



  • Albanien
  • Bosnien und Herzegowina
  • Kosovo
  • Montenegro
  • Serbien

no new call for HU in & out


project duration until July 2018


EULAlinks Sense
  • Honduras
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Mexico
  • Kolumbien
  • Argentinien
  • Venezuela

call November 2016- January 2017

BA, PhD, Postdoc,


Project duration July 2018
  • Kasachstan
  • Kirgisien
  • Turkmenistan
  • Usbekistan

no new call


Project duration until 2017

Projecs of the Erasmus Mundus Partnership Program (EMA2) have terminated at the latest in July 2018. The EU Program has been replaced by the Program Erasmus+International (Erasmus+Mobility with Partner Countries KA107)


More information on the Erasmus Mundus program, its projects and links can be found at the website of the European Union
Who may apply?

Students and staff of the partner universities outside the EU may apply for mobility to any of the partner universities in the respective consortium inside the EU.  Moreover, applications for master, PhD and post-doctoral scholarships are also accepted from applicants working or studying at any other university or institution in the non-EU country involved in the consortium provided s/he meets the academic requirements.

Non-EU applicants who lived in the EU for more than one year during the 5 years before the submission of the application are not eligible for an EMA-2 grant.

How to apply?


A. Prepare the following documents:

- CV (preferably in the Europass format) in English;

- Copy of international passport (validity must well cover the expected duration of the mobility);

- Motivation letter (preferably host specific) in English;

- Certified copy of degree certificate qualifying for the applied study level and its certified English translation -for MA and PhD;

- Certified copy of academic transcript and its certified English translation;

- support/recommendation letter from home university for all mobility types;

- language assessment sheet issued by the home university or internationally recognised language test certificate, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS,  DSH Prüfung,

- Learning agreement (LA), study-, research-, teaching plan depending on the regulations in the consortium, (HU does confirm LA´s for incoming BA and MA after their selection);

- for PhD, Postdoc, Staff - pre-acceptance/ letter of support from host university scientist/acedemic supervisor must be provided as a prerequisite for eligibility,

- short term exchange PhD (6-20 months) must give evidence of their enrolment to a PhD program at home,

- Postdoc and staff have to give evidence that they are affiliated to/employed by a research institution or a partner university; 

- for BA, MA mobility to HU as a host - HU provides no letters of support for the purpose of EMA2 grant applications - please obstain from respective requests to the faculties or the EMA2 Institutional Coordinator. If an applicant has been accepted for degree studies at HU via a separate application independently from the EMA2 application, please attach the admission letter or the respective preparatory documents if full admission is still pending.

B. Identify study fields and/or available research fields suitable to your qualification and the type of grant (degree/non-degree) to be applied for:

- academic qualification and records must match the envisaged host field of studies;

- language qualification as a key issue for selection (lower requirements for non-degree);

- determine the purpose of studies and apply for program (non-degree) studies or full degree studies at HU (MA, PhD only). 

C. Apply via the online application system of the consortium:

- Read carefully the instructions and the application guide provided by the respective EMA-2 consortium. Please take into account that consortia may ask for language assessment sheets, recommendation letters etc in a specific format you are supposed to use or ask for additional documents, i.e. in AURORA and MID non-EU host universities may require Learning agreements already approved by HU and possibly the non-EU host host for non-degree BA and MA studies.


- complete the online application form with the requested information;

- upload all compulsory support documents;


- Control the confirmation and, if available, the full application returned to you by the system for mistakes. Take into account that modifications of the application are only possible until the deadline of the call.

D. Submit per mail original certified paper copies, if foreseen by the application system within the given deadline

How to identify the fields of study and research at HU?

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin opens in EMA-2 all its courses and schools in all academic fields from natural sciences to humanities (except Medicine) for applications by any eligible candidates who hold the citizenship of the partner countries of the respective consortium.

EMA-2 mobilities may study at HU as an International program student without seeking a HU degree (6-10 months) or as a HU student with degree (Master - 22 months, PhD-from 6 to 33 months). The required language proficiency differs with respect to the subject of studies. HU explicitly encourages students with a sound command of German to take their chance to apply for a scholarship in any course of their choice.  A program student needs sufficient knowledge to follow the language of teaching (at least B2, possibly an additional language A2).

Please study carefully the Guide for International students which answers your general questions concerning studying at HU and living in Berlin. For more detailed questions concerning a certain subject of studies please refer to the HU central information at as well as to the websites of the faculties and institutes of the university. Not all information is provided in English - you may take this as an indication that for studies of the respective subject a sufficient command of German is an indispensable prerequisite. Concerning the content of the different courses please see the course catalogue with comments (Vorlesungsverzeichnis VVZ) via

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