Application Home University

After a successful application at the home university, your home institution has to nominate you for ERASMUS studies at Humboldt University.

The application comprises the following to be submitted to your home university:

  • Application Form
  • CV in Europass format,
  • Letter of motivation 1 – 2 pages/ specify relevance of studies at HU,
  • Copy of passport or identity card,
  • Transcript of records with averaged study results,
  • Language certificate,
  • Higher education certificates  (i.e. B.A./ B.Sc.for MA studies, MA for PhD),
  • Proof of enrolment at home university,
  • Learning agreement, draft
  • PhD students attach additionally their PhD workplan, a letter of recommendation by the PhD supervisor at the home university, if available also a letter of support by the envisaged HU supervisor during the studies at HU.
  • intercultural qualification proof, if applicable


The home university evaluates all applications based on the following evaluation criteria:

Undergraduate/ Master: 

  1. Academic quality/scientific background of the applicant (CV, study progress and results, research results, publications)
  2. Motivation for the scholarship
  3. Language proficiency
  4. Is the application suitable to the offers at HU  - quality of learning agreement
  5. If thesis work is envisaged: Relevance of proposed thesis topic to the research fields listed in the call for applications, appropriateness to field of study


The proposals of the home university will be examined by the HU - successful candidates will be nominated by the HU for a program studying at the HU. The nomination confirmation you will receive from the Erasmus + International Coordinator at HU, who afterwards will prepare the invitation for the visa application, terminate the insurance and possibly making the flight reservation for you.

Agree on your study program at the HU with the ERASMUS coordinator of your home university. Prepare the Learning Agreement. Please use the appropriate forms of your home university.
It is helpful to make yourself familiar with the courses offered at HU. The links to the course selection of the HU can be found in the online course catalog Agnes. Please note that admission to the HU is only possible within the subject area for that a collaboration has been agreed (see table).
Warning: In some faculties you need to study the complete modules. Modules consist of 2-4 courses and include between 8-10 study points. You finish a module with an examination for all courses included.
If you select individual courses, please note that each course must be completed by an exam. For partial services 2-3 study points per exam will be awarded.
PhD insert in the Learning Agreement their scientific and academic work plan in the form of work priorities. You can assign courses from the BA and MA offered at HU.