Enrolment at HU

Planning Your Studies


Required Documents



Planning Your Studies

Course Offer and Registration

All available courses are listed on the Agnes website, our online course catalogue. You can register online for courses with you HU student account, you can create this account after your enrolment appointment, where you will receive instructions and a pin code. For some courses you cannot register online, registration is done in person on the first day of the course. We advise you to coordinate the Learning Agreement with your departmental contact person at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin to make sure that you can attend the respective courses and get credit points for them. There are different types of exams, such as seminar papers, or written exams; without an exam you cannot get credit for the course taken. For more information about the Learning AGreement, please read the official guidelines.

Guide For International Students

For practical advice on travel planning, visa formalities, cost of studies, and accommodation please consult our Guide for international students.

Arrival at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

At the latest you should be present for your enrolment appointment. You will find the date in your letter of confirmation. If you participate in the German language course, you need to be here one month prior, the exact dates for the language course can be found on the website of the language center.



After the enrolment appointment you will have the official student status at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. At the day of the enrolment you will get a student ID card (including a public transport pass) which is valid for public transport in all zones (ABC) of Berlin. The ticket is valid from the first day to the last day of the semester. As the German language course takes place one month prior to each semester, you will not have a student status during that period and need to take care of of a transportation pass yourselves.

You have received a confirmation letter with your personal enrolment appointment. Please keep your appointment and be on time! Each semester, we have to schedule separate appointments for over 500 exchange students, including orientation meetings for the individual faculties. Only in a few exceptional cases the date of enrolment can be changed. Please contact us if you have difficulties keeping your appointment!

Please contact the Erasmus+ Partner Countries Team upon your arrival to make a personal appointment to sign the original of the Grant Agreement, and get our signature on your Arrival & Departure Certificate. We will also prepare the payment of the first instalment of your Erasmus+ grant. If you do not have a bank account within the European Union, the first payment will be paid in cash at the university's cash desk.


Required Documents

The following documents need to be handed in to be enrolled at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin:

  • the completed and signed enrolment application form (attached to the confirmation e-mail)
  • ID card or passport with a valid visa for study purposes; please copy the data page, containing your personal information, and - if applicable -, the page with your visa
  • certificate of residency from the Local Registration Office (Bürgeramt), more info about the registration procedure can be found here
  • proof of health insurance
  • proof of payment of the semester fee; you can be the fee via bank transfer or on the day of your enrolment at our cash desk
  • a copy of your bachelor certificate, if you enrol for a master course


A detailed description of the necessary documents can be found in this information sheet.


Last edit: May 2019