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Partner Institutions




Partner Institutions


Within the Erasmus+ programme, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin cooperates with partner institutions worldwide. You can find our current partner institutions here.




  • Enrollment at one of our partner institutions
  • Excellent academic achievements
  • Good to very good command of German and/or English (min. B2)
  • Students must have finished their first year of study prior to their enrollment at HU
  • Preferably students involved in one of the collaboration projects
  • Students with disabilities or socially disadvantaged students will be given preferential consideration, provided they are equally qualified


In the Erasmus + Partner Countries Programme, academic cooperation projects with a thematic focus are agreed upon - staff and student exchange in these focal areas has priority. To broaden the cooperation, the exchange can also take place in other academic areas, provided that the application is supported by scholars at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.



Funding is available for the following mobilities

  • Student Mobilities from Partner Institutions to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and vice versa, with a length of at least 60 days up to 12 months within a cycle of education (BA, MA, PhD)
  • Study and Research Stays (at least 60 days, up to 12 months per study cycle)
  • Students may be accepted for several stays at the same or different EU Partner universities within the same cycle. Provided each single stay is not shorter than 60 days and the accumulated maximum of all stays does not exceed 12 months
  • Students entering a new cycle i.e. from BA to MA, Ma to PhD student are again eligible for up to 12 months Erasmus+ mobility
  • Participation in Courses, Workshops, Seminars
  • Language Courses


Benefits from the Erasmus+ partner countries programme for student mobilities

The Erasmus+ partner countries programme at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin offers incoming students (BA, MA, PhD) from partner institutions:

  • a monthly allowance to support additional costs related to the study-related stay abroad
  • travel support
  • an exemption from tuition fees
  • assistance in the preparation of the stay abroad
  • support for academic recognition of credits earned during the study period at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • follow-up support for Erasmus+ alumni

Travel Allowances
Distance (One Way) Travel Allowance per Participant (total)
10- 99 km € 20
100 - 499 km € 180
500 - 1.999 km € 275
2.000 - 2.999 km € 360
3.000 - 3.999 km € 530
4.000 - 7.999 km € 820
> 8.000 km € 1.500
Monthly Allowances for Student Mobilities
Incoming Outgoing
€ 850 € 700


Fewer Opportunities

The new Erasmus+ program generation aims to ensure access to international study exchange for all students. Flexible mobility formats and additional funding (Top-ups) aspire to offer equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion for students wanting to study at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and partner institutions worldwide.

Fewer opportunitiies Top-ups are available to:
  • Persons with a disability (degree of disability of at least 20%)
  • Persons with a chronic illness
  • Persons traveling with children
  • First-Generation academics
  • Students with gainful employment

Please contact the Erasmus+ Team concerning further information, regulations and the procedure.


Additional Information

  • The monthly allowance shall support the costs for insurance, housing, food, local transport, additional travel costs, and any other expenses related to the stay abroad
  • The grant is paid in several installments, depending upon the length of the intended visit
  • The minimum study period is 60 days, the maximum twelve months, the financial support paid will not be rounded up or down, e.g. if the study period amounts to three months and three days, funding will be paid for the exact period
  • The total duration of the Erasmus+ mobility period must not exceed 12 months (360 days) per study cycle, all Erasmus+ supported mobilities for studies or training within the same study cycle including ones to the same host university or other EU host universities must be taken into account to calculate the allowable maximum
  • The funding period starts on the first day the student is present for academic purposes at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (e.g. registration, orientation meeting, start of the lecture period, German language course...) and ends on the day of the last lecture or exam
  • The study period has to be documented on the Confirmation of Arrival and Departure form, deadlines of assignments or review dates will not be considered
  • Up to 12 months for each study cycle (BA, MA, PhD), for studies, training and internships can be funded by Erasmus+ Students are obliged to provide information about previous Erasmus+ grants they received. In case of wrong or intentionally omitted information, the full grant, unduly received, must be paid back (not only the part which exceeded the 12 months period).
  • At the moment, internships can only be funded within the Erasmus+ programme countries programme (Erasmus+ within the European Union)


Funding for student mobilities through Erasmus+ Partner Countries is granted by Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Incoming students need to contact the HU Erasmus+ Partner Countries Team after their arrival.