Payment of standard fees and dues

Students studying at HU in (exchange) programmes (Programmstudierende), such as ERASMUS, university partnership agreements, DAAD and Fulbright scholarships, are exempt from a matriculation fee. Nevertheless, there are some contributions that have to be paid in order to matriculate:

  1. Semester contribution for the Studierendenschaft (9.75 EUR*)

All HU students are automatically members of the student union (Studierenden­schaft), and a semester contribution is compulsory. In return, students have the right to elect the student parliament (StuPa) in January and to take advantage of counselling services for any kind of problems.

  1. Semester contribution for the Studentenwerk (54.09 EUR*)

All students are required to pay a semester contribution for the student welfare organisation (Studentenwerk) which operates student dining halls and cafeterias at Berlin’s universities as well as the student halls of residence (Wohnheime). In addition, it runs a number of counselling services.

  1. Semester Ticket (176.40 EUR*)

The semester ticket is a student season ticket for public transport in Berlin. Every HU student is required to purchase this ticket. You will receive the semester ticket along with your student ID card. The ticket allows you to travel by U-Bahn, S-Bahn, buses, trams and ferries in the Berlin area and Potsdam (Tarifbereich ABC) and includes taking your bike along. In comparison, a monthly ticket alone for zones AB costs 78 EUR.

The total amount of 240.99 EUR* is to be paid to the Humboldt account.

All other programme exchange students (e.g. students completing a compulsory semester, scholarship holders with foreign scholarships or German industry scholarships) must pay in addition a matriculation fee of 50 EUR*, which comes to a total amount of 290.99 EUR*.

We would kindly ask you to transfer the amount in advance and present the proof of payment (account statement) upon matriculation. Please transfer the amount along with your name and matriculation number and use IBAN and BIC/SWIFT.

Please bring your bank statement or receipt for payment along for matriculation!

Humboldt Bank Account  
Recipient Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 
IBAN DE64 1001 0010 0651 8231 04
Bank Postbank Berlin

Please refer to your Confirmation Letter for the purpose/reference line (Verwendungszweck). 

During the matriculation period it is also possible to make the contribution in cash or to pay with your EC card (European debit card) at the cashier’s office of Humboldt. You can pick up a payment form at the administration desks (please see date and time of matriculation in your letter of invitation).