Humboldt Internship Program


We are excited to announce that we are currently planning a new short-term, experiential learning program: The Humboldt Internship Program. This program is designed for advanced bachelor as well as master and doctoral students from selected partner universities, and will allow participants to collaborate with teams in our reserach laboratories and institutes for 3-6 months.

We are currently planning two program lines:

A) As part of the first cohort of approx. 30 selected students who will be staying in Berlin during the summer of 2020 (May-August), participants will be able to take (German language) classes, connect to their peers through various cultural activities, and become part of the Humboldt community while conducting their individual research projects.

B) We will accommodate and match students with research labs on an ongoing basis depending on availability, requirements of the research labs and students' qualifications. In this case, students will not be part of a cohort but will still benefit from similar program services.

In the pilot phase, this program will primarily offer research opportunities within the fields of the natural and computer sciences. Once the program has been launched and is growing, we will expand internship opportunities towards our affiliated start-ups, companies, (cultural) organizations and art institutions to allow a wider student audience to participate in the program.

Please read more about our eligibility requirements and find a list of our selected project descriptions below.


Humboldt Internship Program

Dr. Britta Schumacher
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