Humboldt Internship Program


We are excited to announce that we are currently planning a new short-term, experiential learning program: the Humboldt Internship Program.

This program is designed for advanced bachelor as well as master and doctoral students from selected partner universities. It will allow participants to collaborate with teams in our research laboratories and institutes for three months.

Humboldt Internship Program comprises two program lines:

A) Internship Summer Term: The first group of approximately 30 selected students will be staying in Berlin during the summer of 2020 (May-July). The participants will be able to take classes (German language or History & Culture), connect to their peers through various cultural activities, and become part of the Humboldt community while conducting their research projects.

B) Individual time frame: On an ongoing basis, we arrange internships that suit best to the student's individual schedule. The feasibility depends on the availability of the selected project in terms of the specified time. Furthermore, the regular eligibility criteria and the application documents are decisive. Students who are accepted for Option B will not be part of a cohort but will still benefit from similar program services.


Humboldt Internship Program 2020: Registration is open!

Please read more about our eligibility requirements, our selected project descriptions, and the application procedure.

In the first year, this program will primarily offer research opportunities within the fields of the natural and computer sciences.

We are currently working on the expansion of the internship opportunities towards start-ups affiliated to the university, selected companies, and cultural institutions to allow a wider student audience to participate in the program.





Humboldt Internship Program

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