How and when to apply

The application for Summer Term Internships 2021 starts in October 2020.

You can always apply for an Individual Timeframe Internship:

The registration portal is open!

The upload of the following documents is required:

  • Proof of identity
  • Resume/CV
  • Statement of Motivation (tailored towards the specific lab project you are applying for)
  • Recommendation Letter (from academic faculty, or former employer) - it can also be sent to the program coordinator by email
  • Scan of an official transcript

If you are applying for an individual time frame, please start the application process at least four months before the desired start date of the internship.

As part of the online application process, you will be asked to indicate the most suitable dates for your schedule, as well as one to three internship projects in which you are interested. After submission of your application, we will check the availability of the projects you have selected.Completed applications will be sent to the project supervisor. Some supervisors will have interviews, phone calls, or email questions to students they are considering.


Humboldt Internship Program

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