Further Information for Students of Other Programmes

Further Information for Students of Other Programmes


Please note, that a valid visa or residency permit is required to study abroad in Germany.  If you will require a visa, you can request (in the online-application) a prioritized review of your online-application, so that you will receive your acceptance decision in time to apply for a visa.  More information can be found here:

► Guide: Visa formalities necessary for studies in Germany

Health Insurance and Liability Insurance:

You will require a valid German insurance.  We recommend that you obtain this before the semester begins, to ensure that you have adequate coverage.

Representatives from the German public insurance providers (AOK, TK, DAK) will be present during enrollment to advise you.  You can also register for insurance at this time.

Proof of valid insurance is often required by the German embassy when applying for a visa.  In this case, please contact a German insurance provider in advance.

Helpful links regarding health insurance:

► Guide: Health insurance cover


Additional Services:

In the course of your online-application, you will have the opportunity to request the following additional services:

  • If you come from a country, whose citizens require visas in order to stay in Germany, you can request a prioritized review of your application.  This way you can receive your acceptance decision with enough time to apply for a visa.
  • Registration to attend the Intensive German Language Course.  This is a one month course to improve your German skills before the semester begins.
  • Online-registration for a space in a student dormitory.  Incoming-Students receive priority.
  • Intercultural Trainings | KUSTOS  Through the KUSTOS program you can meet German students and take part in intercultural events.
  • Mentor program “Studis4Studis.”  Our mentorship program can help prepare you for studies at the HU and living in Berlin.


If you have questions regarding the online-application, please contact:

Support for the Online application

Further links:

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