Fellowship for Completion of Degree

Fellowships for students and doctoral students about to finish their degrees

Through financial support from the DAAD, scholarships can be awarded to students who have insufficient funds so that they can successfully complete their studies or doctoral studies.

International students and international doctoral candidates who are in the final phase of their studies or doctoral thesis are eligible to apply for the scholarship*). German citizens may NOT apply for this scholarship. The scholarship will generally be awarded for the duration of 3-5 months (depending on the application situation) and cannot be extended.

enlightened Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, we have adapted the application procedure and will take special emergency situations, such as job losses and difficulties paying rent, into account. Please provide us with a plausible description of your situation using relevant supporting documents or certificates. Should you not be able to submit all application documents as listed below, make sure to provide us with relevant explanations. We will process your application as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind, that all of us are currently working from home office.

Further support programmes and funds for (international) students in the current situation:

How do I apply?

The following documents must be submitted:

including explanation (study situation, social and familial situation, if relevant), must be filled out on a computer

  • Current proof of studies (Studienbescheinigung) downloaded from AGNES giving the semester number
  • One letter of recommendation from a HU professor or supervisor
  • Official statement specifying the estimated end of studies (Studienprognose), issued by the examination office of your Faculty (Prüfungsbüro), only required for BA and MA students
  • Academic performance record (Leistungsnachweis), only required for BA and MA students
  • Proof of financial status (such as evidence of income, statement of account, letter of award, etc.)
  • Married candidates: please present your marriage certificate
  • Candidates with children: please present the birth certificate(s)

Please note: During the current exceptional situation due to the coronavirus, please send the application documents by e-mail only and in one or a maximum of two attachments (e.g. application as a .docx and all other attachments as one .pdf) to christine.schneider@hu-berlin.de.

For students: All deadlines are currently suspended. At the moment applications are welcome anytime. Generally, the allowance amounts to € 800 per month.

For doctoral students: All deadlines are currently suspended. At the moment applications are welcome anytime. Generally, the allowance amounts to € 850 per month.

*) Regulations: There is no legal entitlement to the awarding of the scholarship. It can no longer be awarded if the funds available for the scholarship have been exhausted. Other income over and above the amount of € 250 may not exist during the funding period.


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