3.2.1 Bachelor's courses

Bachelor's programmes are designed to provide academic fundamentals, methodological skills and career-related qualifications. Courses are offered as Monobachelor's courses, which consist of a main subject (Hauptfach), and alternatively as Combination Bachelor's courses consisting of a combination of core subject (Kernfach) and secondary subject (Zweitfach). Not all combinations of main subject (Hauptfach) and core subject (Kernfach) are possible, make sure to read the rules on the possible combinations.

Bachelor's courses have a standard study duration of six semesters. Examinations take place during the course of studies in the form of module examinations (MAP, Modulabschlussprüfungen). Towards the end of their studies, students are required to write a Bachelor's thesis.

The Bachelor's is understood to be a standard academic degree, which qualifies the holder for a professional career. In linguistics and cultural studies, in sports and sport sciences, in social sciences and arts subjects, graduates are given the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), whereas in mathematics, the natural sciences and the agrarian sciences the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is awarded.