3.4.1 Preliminary consideration of applications by uni-assist

Applications to Humboldt-Universität from potential students with non-German higher education entrance qualifications  (► 3.3.1) must be submitted to uni-assist (Arbeits- und Servicestelle für internationale Studienbewerbungen e.V.) for preliminary consideration. The procedure concerns applications for pre-university courses preparing for degree studies (Studienkolleg) as well as those for standard courses leading to the Bachelor's degree, to the State Examination or to the Master's degree. German citizens with non-German higher education entrance qualifications or educational qualifications must also apply via uni-assist.

Students who want to start their studies (1st semester) in medicine (Modellstudiengang) or dentistry at Charité must also submit their applications to uni-assist. EU citizens and candidates on equal terms with EU citizens submit their applications to hochschulstart.de. Applicants for a higher semester in medicine, dentistry or health sciences are exempt from the uni-assist procedure (► For all other study courses, also for a higher semester, an application via uni-assist is necessary.

Applicants for all Master courses (Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Education) submit their applications to uni-assist, following the deadlines below. More detailed information on the various courses offered, on the language requirements for entering Master courses as well as details on the application procedure, can be obtained in the online course catalogue. Please note that some international and career-based Master's courses may require an additional fee. Application deadlines for some courses may vary, and admission to some of the courses is the responsibility of the faculties concerned and application documents must be submitted directly to them.

Uni-assist does not give advice on admission requirements of particular universities. Please contact the university in question. For Humboldt, please contact the office for initial counselling for international applicants ( 3.1).

Preliminary consideration by uni-assist carries a mandatory charge. However, only one set of application documents is necessary to apply simultaneously to several higher education institutions belonging to uni-assist. Uni-assist provides a list of all member institutions as well information on the application documents.

Fully completed applications must be sent to:
uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

Deadlines for applications:
(The application must be present on the due date, the date of the postmark is not significant.)

  Winter semester Summer semester
Bachelor, state examination 15 July 15 January
For the pre-university course
- qualifying for the external
  aptitude test
- for T, M, G and W courses

   15 January

15 July


(M.A., M.Sc., M.Ed.) with NC

31 May

15 January
(M.A., M.Sc., M.Ed.) without NC

15 July

15 January

A handling fee is charged for the preliminary check of your application by uni-assist.

An application cannot be considered until the fee has been received. Detailed information on fees and payment can be found on the uni-assist website.