3.5 Documents to be attached to an application

The application form for admission has to be filled out online via uni-assist. The printed form has to be sent with all the necessary application documents (in hard copy) to uni-assist within the deadline for the specific study course.

Several university courses (1st semester) take part in the Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren (DoSV) of the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung. If the course of studies to which you are applying takes part in the DoSV, you must first register online with hochschulstart.de. This application process enables the university to provide the student with a place of study as quickly as possible. The application process is the same for German as well as international students. You can find more information online.

You will find information on how to apply for HU, as well as a list of all necessary documents at: www.hu-berlin.de/studium/bewerbung/formulare/engl-assist.pdf.

Please send only certified copies of your original certificates (native tongue) and of original translations (German or English, see the Database of translators and interpreters) as well as language certificates. Please check online at the uni-assist website for further information regarding certifications and translations.