3.8 Doctoral studies

All faculties of Humboldt-Universität offer the opportunity to undertake doctoral studies. For initial counselling regarding doctoral studies, contact the doctoral counselling service of the Humboldt Graduate School, promotionsinfo@hu-berlin.de. Regulations (in German) may be obtained online and from the appropriate faculty, as the regulations vary amongst the faculties. Interested applicants should contact the office for doctoral candidates (Promotionsbüro) of the faculty they wish to apply for.

Academic supervision is mandatory for doctoral studies and it is the student's responsibility to find a supervisor (Doktorvater/Doktormutter). You can find a supervisor through detailed internet research or through already existing academic contacts with your university. The academic supervisor can suggest a dissertation topic to you or accept a dissertation topic which you have suggested. The acceptance of the doctoral project must be approved by the doctoral examination board (Promotionsausschuss) of the responsible faculty.

Students applying for admission to doctoral studies must provide proof of an academic qualification equivalent to a degree from a German higher education institution. The Admissions Office (Zulassungsbüro, Studienabteilung) will consider each application to determine equivalence. The decision will be made directly between the Admissions Office and the office for doctoral candidates of the respective faculty (Promotionsbüro).

Applicants whose academic qualifications are not considered equivalent may have to take an examination set by the faculty, or admission may be linked to certain conditions.

All information on doctoral studies can be found on the doctoral candidates' portal.

Matriculation at the Humboldt-Universität must take place within one month after being accepted for doctoral studies. The application for matriculation should be sent to the Enrollment Office for PhD students (Immatrikulationsbüro für Promovierende) (► 5.1).

The Humboldt Graduate School
Postgraduate students on structured doctoral programmes are supported by the Humboldt Graduate School (HGS). The Graduate Schools at Humboldt-Universität are members of a union of international, competitive doctoral studies programmes. The HGS offers a comprehensive range of services to doctoral students in the membership scheme.

The HGS aims at creating a future-oriented and competitive culture of doctoral studies at Humboldt-Universität within an international context. Doctoral students are given reliable advice on their research projects and the process of writing their dissertations on a regular basis. A complementary teaching programme is designed to benefit their academic qualifications and to equip them with knowledge and skills that are indispensable for success in academic work. The programme's focus is on teaching methodological skills, presenting techniques and time management. All doctoral programmes in Berlin are compiled online under "Doctoral Programs in Berlin".

International Scholar Services (ISS)
International Scholar Services support international doctoral candidates and researchers in all the important non-academic affairs in university and city life which they will face before and in the first few weeks after arrival. They offer support during their stay.

HU Docs - an initiative for doctoral students
The HU Docs initiative was established by Humboldt doctoral students with the support of the university administration and became a registered association in October 2012. Aims of the network are to improve the working environment of all doctoral students, especially internationals, to better represent their interests on boards and committees and to establish a network for information and research exchange. Regular meetings (Doktoranden-Abende) are held at the "Orbis Humboldtianus" International Club (9.1.2) in order to have discussions or to listen to lectures from experts in various fields. In cooperation with the International Scholar Services (ISS) and the Humboldt Graduate School, HU Docs also organise orientation and information events as well as excursions to research institutions. Doctoral students can find further information on facebook and subscribe to the newsletter

E-Mail: doktorandennetzwerk@hu-berlin.de