3.2.3 Teacher certification courses

The teacher training is divided into two phases in Germany. The first phase is studying at the university. The second phase, the traineeship (Referendariat), takes place in the field and is completed with the State Examination (Zweite Staatsprüfung). Passing this examination permits the student to acquire a teaching position and is required for appointment to state schools.

The curriculum in the state of Berlin is divided into two consecutive teacher training courses (Lehramtsstudiengänge): a 6-semester Bachelor degree programme at the beginning, then a 4-semester Master programme. Teacher certification (Lehrbefähigung) for school classes 1-6, 7-13 and for vocational schools requires a total of 10 semesters of studies. The curriculum is comprised of two to three subjects including professional studies (teaching methodology, educational sciences, etc.). A Master's degree equates the First State Exam (Erste Staatsprüfung). Thus, with a Master's degree the university phase of teacher training is completed. This is followed by practical training in the field, the traineeship (Referendariat). The length of teacher training also depends on the desired teaching career. The traineeship, which lasts 18 months, ends with the State Examination (Zweite Staatsprüfung).

The language requirements for admission comply with the regular undergraduate and master studies prerequisites (please see 3.3.2). German language skills at the level C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages must be satisfactorily shown for permission to teach.

Note: If you have already successfully completed a teaching degree in your home country, please apply for recognition of your diploma at the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science.

Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science
Ms. Pfitzinger
Phone: (+49 30) 90227-57 24
E-mail: anerkennungen.lehrer@senbjf.berlin.de

For more information on teaching careers, the course structure and possible subject combinations please visit the website Servicezentrum Lehramt, have a look at  Merkblätter zum Lehramtsstudium or go directly to the Teacher Training Service Centre (► 6.4.7).