4.4.2 Accommodation provision for exchange students

Humboldt-Universität seeks to offer accommodation to every international student (ERASMUS+, university partnerships etc.) coming to Berlin. However, since Humboldt does not possess its own housing, only a limited number of places in residence halls can be arranged for international students.

The International Department of the HU has fixed contingents in three Berlin residence halls: "Studentendorf Adlershof", "Aristotelessteig" and "Allee der Kosmonauten".

Application note:
To apply for a place in the residence halls, please go to the online application for a place of study within the framework of (exchange) programmes.

Please observe the application deadlines:
31.05.  for winter semester
30.11.  for summer semester

Keep in mind that your application does not secure your place in the residence halls yet. You will receive more details concerning the successive application procedure, the different halls of residence and their location from the Incoming Team.

Additional advice concerning accommodation:
Placement is valid for only six months (1 March - 31 August and 1 September - 28 February) and depends on availability of free spots in the chosen hall of residence. Monthly rent is between € 280 - 480 depending on facilities and room size.

After successful completion of your online application, you will be asked to pay a reservation deposit of € 500.

More detailed information can be found on the website of the International Department, under Accomodation. For further information, please contact the Incoming Team (► 3.7).