4.4.4 The private accommodations market

Although rents have risen in Berlin during the last few years, they are still low compared to other European capitals. Shared accommodations in apartments (Wohngemeinschaften/WGs) where everyone has a room of his or her own, are very popular, especially in the inner city districts of Prenzlauer Berg/Pankow, Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg and Neukölln. Rooms in shared accommodations are advertised online or posted at the University.

If a particular room or a flat is decided upon, it is strongly advisable to complete a written tenancy agreement (Mietvertrag). The vast majority of adverts are genuine, but please be aware of scams and avoid transferring money in advance. The rent deposit must not exceed three times the monthly rent. (► important security notices)

If someone rents a flat or an apartment, he/she is normally the main tenant and as such has more rights, but also more responsibilities. If, however, just one room is rented, the person living in it has the status of a sub-tenant. Tenancy agreements should always be read very carefully. There should be no signing of the contract before every detail is quite clear to the prospective tenant or sub-tenant.

Information about housing association accommodations is provided at www.studi-wohnen-berlin.de. These accommodations are targeted at students. There are also other websites which are aimed at students:

Further accommodation websites are available such as:

Shared accommodations in flats are also advertised in various Berlin newspapers and in Berlin magazines such as Zitty and Tip, as well as on their websites.