5.1.2 Health insurance coverage

All students are required to provide proof of health insurance coverage when matriculating (4.3).

Every student on a course up to the 14th semester or up to the age of 30 is entitled to obtain health insurance coverage from one of the recognised mandatory health insurance providers in Germany at a special student rate. The current premium for health and nursing care is around about € 90 per month. Health insurance premiums rise moderately at regular intervals and vary between the different insurance providers.

If a student has private health insurance coverage, a German mandatory insurance company may grant exemption from compulsory insurance coverage in Germany.

Humboldt-Universität cooperates with recognised mandatory health insurance providers, i.e. AOK, DAK and TK, which maintain special points of contact for students and are normally available when new students are matriculating.

AOK Nordost - die Gesundheitskasse
Peter Kurowski – adviser to students
Hegelplatz 1
10117 Berlin

Phone: (+49 331) 227 22-46 33 (international call)
Phone: (0800) 265 08 02 46 33 (free of charge in Germany)

Martin Nienkarken - adviser to students
Axel-Springer-Str. 44-50
10969 Berlin

Phone: (+49 30) 634 991 389
Phone: (0800) 333004 101389 (free of charge in Germany)

DAK Gesundheit Berlin
Jessica Meschkat - adviser to students
Schlosstr. 20
12163 Berlin
Phone: (+49 172) 82 55 301

TK Berlin
Lutz Matuschke - adviser to students
Phone: (+49 40) 460 65 10 20 54

Further information on health care insurance for international students is available at 1A Verbraucherportal.

Whenever a doctor is consulted, the chip card of the insurance company or, concerning exchange students, the European Health Insurance Card - EHIC ( 4.3) must be presented.

If a doctor prescribes medication, 10 per cent of the cost has to be paid by the patient, i.e. at least € 5 and up to € 10 must be paid. However, the additional costs never exceed the actual cost of the drug or medication. Every insured person is expected to pay a certain amount towards medication and similar services (such as additional payment for hospital care), up to 2 per cent of the gross annual income. If over 2 per cent of the gross annual income has been paid, the patient may apply to the health insurance company for an exemption from further costs. For further information, the individual's health insurance company should be contacted.

Free choice of medical care is guaranteed for insured students. Details of physicians and medical specialists are available from classified telephone directories online.